About Me

2 FEB 2011
#1- sweet baby become adorable young lady..

 on 7th feb 1989, late afternoon around 5 to 6 pm a sweet little girl was born. she's so cute and adorable little girl..

her parents was so excited and have decided to named this sweet little girl as ANIS FAIZULY BINTI HAMZAH.. now she's already grown up as adorable young lady.. she know how to took a good care of herself and now she's still study for degree level major in finance.. alhamdulillah, with GOD blessed, now she's waiting for her 22nd birthday... 

anis is a good friends suit as the meaning of her name.. anis; loving, caring, loyal, pure, romantic and always be a good reminder to others.. she so committed with her life, she's have her own philosophy, from William Shakespeare, to be or not to be there's are question.. in her life, she's believe chances always come once, not twice.. so grab all the chances in front of her eyes.. nobody can help to change our self or destiny unless by our own.. she always and keep on trying to find her true love.. she believe in true love and for anis, love is in the air and everybody is in love.. her love story is her privacy.. she love to cooks but still in process of learning.. she's so in love with water, sands and beaches.. she's always wrote a notes and quotes to express her feeling.. most of time, if she's not in mood or sad, she will cry until fall asleep and when she woke up with hopes that everything should be ok..

there are many things about anis that you should know, so lets us follow the journey of her life by following her blog..